Find out how Andy Wilsher Sings has reacted to the restrictions surrounding the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 lockdown….

COVID Update from Andy

Well, it’s fair to say that all our worlds have been rocked by COVID-19. So many industries have been hit hard by the lockdown restrictions and the entertainment industry has certainly taken a massive blow.

When it’s in your blood to ‘entertain’, Andy wasn’t going to let something like a worldwide epidemic stop him in his tracks…. Like so many business owners, who love what they do, we thought on our feet and adapted to our new environment. If big gatherings and parties are off the cards, then we’ll perform to a select few. If meeting in person is no longer allowed, then we’ll perform virtually over the internet. If groups of people are suffering, then we’ll put on free shows to lift their spirits and spread some happiness where we can.

Andy has put on regular performances for the RAF Association, streamed via our Facebook page and the RAF’s page too. As ex-forces, it has been a pleasure and an honour for Andy to be able to do this.

Andy has made several appearances at Broomfield Hospital, Essex to entertain the staff and volunteers who are working so hard. To see the doctors, nurses and hospital workers smile or have a little dance in the atrium was amazing! A few moments respite from all they’re dealing with makes an amazing difference.

In place of large parties and celebrations, Andy has been carrying out ‘doorstep surprises’ to help mark special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries during lockdown. Andy also helped a couple celebrate their ‘would be’ wedding day, with a doorstep serenade to offer some romance to a couple who were forced to cancel their wedding plans for 2020.

So, if you know someone who has a special birthday or anniversary this summer, or someone who simply deserves a lovely treat or needs their spirits lifting, then contact Andy Wilsher Sings and find out about a socially distanced doorstep appearance. Andy can perform his Rat Pack, Michael Buble, Robbie Williams or Motown tributes and tailor his appearance to your specific requirements.

Street parties have shown the ‘best of British’ spirit over the last few months – Andy can perform for your street and make your plans even more enjoyable. Add a unique element to your road’s gathering and show people how resilient we are when it comes to still having a good time!

Get in touch to find out how we can make lockdown special occasions feel as special as they should!

All social distancing rules are always adhered to during any of Andy’s performances.

Let’s Andy entertain you!