Did you know that Andy Wilsher Sings performs Nationwide? He travels the length and breadth of the UK to perform his tribute acts. Find out more….

Andy Wilsher Sings across the UK…

Although Andy Wilsher Sings is based in Essex, not far from London, he performs across the whole of the UK. His tributes to Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, The Rat Pack and the Soulful Sixties can be enjoyed Nationwide.

Whether you’re up in Scotland or down in Devon, Andy will make the journey to perform at your special event or for your special occasion. So, if you want some swing in Swindon or Southampton, some Motown in Middlesbrough or Macclesfield, so rockin-Robbie in Rochester or Reigate  or some smooth-Buble in Brighton or Bagshot – Andy is your man!

Andy performs for many hotel chains that have locations spread across the country – no journey to short, no journey too long!

He often receives special requests from those who have seen him perform, to sing at private events and functions, so he really can end up anywhere in the UK.

From weddings to corporate events or charity functions to sing-o-gram appearances – Andy Wilsher Sings never fails to bring the swing! Authentic, professional and full of energy – Andy’s performances fill the dance floor and are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

So, whether you’re way up north, way down south, east or west – find out more about how Andy Wilsher Sings can turn your event into something special.

If you’re planning a wedding in 2020 or 2021, get in touch now and find out the many ways that Andy can make your big day even more memorable. From singing you up the aisle, to entertaining your guests during their welcome drinks. Or performing during your wedding breakfast to filling the dance floor at your evening reception. The options are endless, and your wedding location is no problem.

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