Looking for fun and effective ways to raise funds for your school? Does your PTA need some help this year? Then you need Andy Wilsher Sings. Read on….

Andy Wilsher Sings for Schools

We know how hard PTA and PTFAs work to raise funds for schools. It can be tough to come up with new ways to raise money, keep parents and supporters of your school engaged and ensure everyone parts with their hard-earned cash in support of your great cause.

With a busy term time diary taken up with all the usual activities – summer fetes, Christmas productions, etc – it can be challenging to think of fresh ideas that will raise, not just a little, but a LOT!

Andy Wilsher Sings has performed at PTA and PTFA events across the country – not only does he put on a performance to remember, he can also help out with raffles, auctions and more. His charismatic personality and on-stage energy ensure that everyone is swept up in the atmosphere and the grand total of money raised keeps rising.

If your event is flat and lifeless, your fundraising will be too. When people are appreciative of having a great time, they are more likely to participate in raffles, auctions, heads and tails, and other games.

Andy’s injection of showbiz will transport people from a school hall or marquee and have them dancing their socks off, asking when next year’s event will be!

Andy offers a selection of tribute acts including Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, Rat Pack and Motown / Sixties Soul. Choose the right combination for your event or crowd and leave the rest to us! We can also provide a fully manned disco and professional dancing show girls…. Take your fundraiser to the next level with Andy Wilsher Sings!

Visit our website to listen to Andy singing live, see pictures from previous events and read testimonials from our clients. Then pick up the phone and give us a call to find out more…