Sing-O-Gram Surprises Autumn & Winter


Let’s be honest, it looks like COVID is here to stay for a while. While there are socialising restrictions and other rules in place, it can be hard to know what to do to mark a special occasion.

Big birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, Christmas, christenings, wedding proposals, thank yous and more…. How do you make someone feel special and spoilt in lockdown?

Easy… You book Andy Wilsher Sings to perform a bespoke Sing O Gram! Andy can perform on your driveway, doorstep or in your garden. It only takes a few minutes for him to set up and he even has a pop-up gazebo, so the weather can’t spoil your fun!

Within current guidelines, Andy will perform in your home or workplace too, following social distancing rules. So, if you need to treat your staff this Christmas and can’t throw them a Christmas party, give them some live entertainment in the office or car park and let everyone let their hair down for a bit!

Andy’s sing-o-gram performances can be booked for a planned occasion or as a surprise. He can set up around the corner and appear at just the right time. Whilst he covers tributes to Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, Rat Pack and Motown, he’ll also learn specific tracks if there’s a song that means a lot to someone.

With Christmas sneaking up on us fast, he has a selection of Christmas classics up his sleeve, that will get everyone feeling festive in no time!

Choose the songs that best mark your special occasion and let Andy entertain your loved ones or work colleagues.

Some of the most touching performances to date have been those that have been booked to cheer someone up in lockdown or as a token of thanks. Do you know someone that could do with a treat?

Take a look a just some of Andy’s performances so far…


Then contact us to book your sing-o-gram performance to mark a special occasion for someone you know.