Lockdown Sing o Gram!

Alan's Surprise 60th Birthday Party (Rat Pack & Robbie Williams)

To Andy,

You were brilliant!!!!!! He just can't believe what a surprise and great night it was!

The photo's are great and thanks for the video’s also which everyone loved.

I am sure we’ll have you back here on another occasion with the Show Girls and I’ll show them the photos at the next committee meeting.

You are really professional and it shows!

Thanks again Joy & Alan xxx

Joy and Alan have hired Andy for the last few years... for their golf club event's as well as their wedding last May.

So when Alan's 60th Birthday was coming up Joy thought it would be great to hire Andy along with our Vegas Showgirls.

The venue was Harpenden Golf Club, Andy performed both his Rat Pack & Robbie Williams Tribute Shows. The showgirls performed alongside him.

The look on Alan's face when he arrived was a picture! He really had no idea about the party and when the showgirls popped up behind him it was brilliant. He was so shocked!!! (and a very happy boy of course)...

Andy performed the Rat Pack show during dessert and coffee, followed by the Robbie Williams show.

A fantastic night had by all! Can't wait until the next party... And knowing those two, we won't have to wait to long!

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