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Rat Pack, 60's Motown and Robbie Williams Tribute

Jackie thank you🙏Gosh it was over in a flash!!

Thank you so much to the both of you. So many people loved it.
I keep on saying it but you honestly made me feel so relaxed so thank you for that…My little security blanket !!

Aww it was so good to meet you. I was thrilled with how it turned out. I’ve just spoken to my dad and he’s absolutely delighted with the night. He said how much everyone loved the music.

It was so nice to have someone there like yourself. Money well spent. The only thing I’m sad about is how fast it all went x

Your a star ⭐️

I really hope you come back soon. By the sounds of it you had a lot of fans thinking of Wedding Anniversary’s and 80th

I have a sneaky feeling you might be returning up this way in the future ❤️ and I hope I get to see you again as more as a guest then rather than the organiser.

My dad has also mentioned he’s got a card and a gift from you which he will open on his actual birthday on Friday.

Thank you so much for you everything.

Sad it’s all over x

Love Rachael & Peter

They had Rat Pack, 60's Motown and Robbie Williams Tributes for Peter's Surprise 70th Birthday Party