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Shirley's Retirement Party (Robbie Williams Tribute)

Hi Jackie,

We can’t thank Andy & Jackie enough for making our retirement party for our Matron extra special.

Shirley was overwhelmed by the attention from “Robbie” and the tribute was the highlight of the day for everyone.

Hope to have you for our Christmas party this year!

Thanks again it was brilliant, Shirley was so surprised!

Love Nicky

Nicky and the staff at Bricklehampton Hall Nursing Home in Pershore booked Andy as a surprise for their Matron, Shirley, who was retiring from the nursing home after 14 years.

They started the afternoon with a buffet in the dining room. Andy had to sneak in and set up in the main room while they kept Shirley busy!

Once the staff and residents had finished their lunch everyone came into the room and took their seats.

They bought Shirley in and sat her down on a chair in the middle of the room, (she had no idea what was going on..).

The intro music started and Andy burst into the room... Shirley's face was a picture, she LOVES Robbie Williams more than anything so the surprise was amazing! She cried through most of the performance but of course happy tears as she was so surprised and happy that they had arranged such a fun afternoon for her. Andy made such a fuss over Shirley she loved it.

The staff and especially the residents seemed to have a pretty good time; so much so that there was talk of Andy returning for another party soon!!

We can't wait to go back at Christmas.