Lockdown Sing o Gram!

Ron's Send Off (Rat Pack Tribute)

Awww Thank you so much.

You and Jackie were amazing, so accommodating and kind...and I could tell we had the same 'old school ' upbringing so much respect for you.

Thank you for making my dad's day what he wanted xxx

You and Jackie were tops!

Love Gina & Lenny xxx

Gina and Lenny's dad Ron sadly passed away but before he did he told the family that he wanted a massive knees-up and a great party, and wow did he get that!!!

There were over 200 people at Ron's funeral. The wake was held at Forty Hall in Enfield. They had 3 buffets throughout the day (all different types of food every time). The family made Ron so proud as the day was an amazing tribute to him and everyone really did celebrate his life just the way HE wanted.

Andy performed his Rat Pack show then, later on, there was a Chas and Dav Tribute act too.

Everyone was dancing, eating, drinking and having a great time, Ron definitely got the send-off he wanted; he looked after all his friends and family and also made sure they had a day they would never ever forget.

This family was one of the most amazing groups we have ever met, they loved their dad to pieces and made him so, so proud.

Beautiful send-off and beautiful day.

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