Lockdown Sing o Gram!

Harston and Newton Primary School P.T.A. Fundraising Night (Rat Pack & Robbie Williams Tribute)

Superb evening spent with fab friends and raising money for our school!

We held a Tribute Night on Friday, we hired Andy Wilsher to sing, he did two fabulous sets - Rat Pack and Robbie Williams. We had an auction in between the two sets and had Nanna Mexico serving the food, we also ran our own bar. We charged £20 per person, this included the meal. We advertised to the wider community and sold around 90 tickets. The evening was a great success and we have had some really positive feedback. As a PTFA, we are always looking for new ways to raise money and this was well worth doing as well as being a great social occasion.

We raised £1662.00 for the PTFA!!!

Debbie Segrave Thank you to the fabulous Andy Wilsher, you were fab!

Carrie Broughton Thanks Debbie (and everyone else who did the organising) for a fab night. Always great to get my dancing shoes on!

Clodagh Styles Great nite well done

Jim Dennison Very well organized and it was great to catch up with some of you - great to see some community spirit too - very uplifting well done to all

Anna Todd Had such a nice time, thank you!

DeAnna B Fab night everything was great! Xxx

Laura Hardy It was a great night xx

Julie Robinson Brilliant night

Anna Todd Thank you Debbie and co, we had such a great time! Well done all of you ptfa grafters xx

The P.T.A. girls from Harston & Newton Primary School booked Andy back in July 2014 for there fundraising event in February 2015...

They hired a Mexican food van (Nanna Mexico), put on their own bar and had an auction to raise money for the P.T.A.

Andy started with the Rat Pack show, then in the break they held an auction and raised even more money for the school.This was followed by the Robbie Williams show. The night was sold out and they worked so hard to put on a great fundraiser.

Well done girls for raising £1662.00, it really was a FANTASTIC NIGHT!!!!

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