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When you can’t come to see Andy Wilsher Sings, then Andy Wilsher Sings will come to you….

Andy’s Lockdown Sing-O-Gram performances have been incredibly popular during the COVID-19 restrictions. Whether booked to mark a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or just because someone needs cheering up during lockdown, you can’t beat a bit of live entertainment on your doorstep.

With all social distancing measures adhered to, Andy provides a performance to remember from the pavement, driveway or garden. Choose from Andy’s selection of tributes to Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, The Rat Pack, Swinging Sixties or War Time Classics, and give someone a visitor they’ll remember.

Performances can be tailored to suit the recipient with a vast array of song choices to suit all ages and musical tastes.

Andy has even performed at a ‘would be wedding day’ street party for a couple whose wedding couldn’t go ahead during lockdown. So, whatever the reason – a deserving NHS worker in need of some appreciation, a big birthday, a special anniversary or anything else – make someone’s day with a Sing-O-Gram performance from Andy Wilsher Sings….

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Doorstep and Sing o Gram Events

Mike’s Surprise 80th Birthday. Mike was surprised by his daughter for his 80th Birthday. He loved Neil Diamond, Andy had a couple of Neil Diamond songs already.

Ken’s Surprise 90th Birthday. Ken and (Maureen) were surprised by their family for Ken’s 90th Birthday. All of his family turned up to the doorstep event, and a few neighbours came out too.

Dawn was surprised by her family when Andy turned up on her doorstep to perform a few Robbie Williams songs as she loves Robbie and had him at a previous party many years ago

Joyce was surprised by her family when Andy turned up on her doorstep to sing. This wasn’t for any reason, just to cheer her up during lockdown. All the songs were picked very carefully to make sure she got the songs she loved.

Lorraine booked Andy to sing and surprise her amazing dad Fred for his 96 Birthday. His family and friends came to celebrate with him. Andy set up out of site and sneaked into the back garden when Fred wasn’t watching.   

Marie booked Andy to sing a few songs as a Garden Surprise for her very good friend Caron. They sat her down and Andy walked in, she was really shocked.

Brian’s children wanted Andy to surprise there dad on the doorstep for his 80th Birthday. They had been out for a meal then came back had a cup of Tea then we knocked on the door and out he came, he had no idea it was great.

Malcome wanted something to surprise Sharon on her 60th Birthday. They came across Andy’s page showing that he performed doorstep surprises. We knocked on the door she came out while he performed on the front lawn

Aimee’s mum and dad wanted something special for Aimee’s 21st Birthday, as the restrictions were still on and all the plans were ruined for her 21st Birthday. So Andy sang a few of her favorite songs

Lauren was expecting her first baby and was a bit fed up, being lockdown, couldn’t see her family so we thought we would give her a little treat just to put a smile back on her face.

Zivile booked Andy to perform 3 Robbie Williams Songs for Akvile’s 16th Birthday. It was nice that someone so young knew the music and she really did love it. I was worried she would know who Robbie was.

Other Shows

Rat Pack Tribute Show

The slick and stylish Rat Pack tribute show features timeless classics from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, plus a few more artists from that time including Nat King Cole and Bobby Darrin. The Rat Pack tribute show will add swing and swagger to any event.

Robbie Williams Tribute Show

This show is full of excitement and attitude and includes Robbie's greatest hits as well as some Take That classics too. This act includes a fantastic light show and is truly just like the real thing, from Andy’s authentic Robbie costumes and microphone stand, right down to the tattoos!

Michael Buble Tribute Show

With a clever mix of swing, pop and original Buble material, this show caters for young and old alike. With Rat Pack swing, pop classics and Michael Buble’s own sensational hits, this is a thoroughly entertaining, classy and crowd-pleasing show.
60s Soul, R & B, Blues, Motown

60s Soul, R & B, Blues, Motown

You can now enjoy some Motown classics and the sound of the 60s with Andy Wilsher’s NEW Tribute to the Soulful Sixties set. This guaranteed party starter is perfect for any event and packed with tracks that everyone can sing along to.

Songs from the War Times

Andy’s repertoire is his new War Songs show, including some classic wartime favourites from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. A beautiful way to reminisce, Andy’s show is performed in true patriotic style, paying tribute to a unique period in time.