When you can’t come to see Andy Wilsher Sings, then Andy Wilsher Sings will come to see you. Performances can be tailored to suit the recipient with a vast array of song choices to suit all ages and musical tastes.

Your own private performance

Whether booked to mark a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or just because someone needs cheering up, you can’t beat a bit of live entertainment on your doorstep.

Choose from Andy’s selection of tributes to Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, The Rat Pack, Swinging Sixties or War Time Classics, and send someone a memorable gift.

Andy provides a performance to remember at front doors, driveways, gardens, places of work or anywhere else you’d like him to pop up and say ‘surprise!’.

Doorstep Surprise Videos

The Perfect Surprise

Andy has even performed at a ‘would be wedding day’ street party for a couple whose wedding couldn’t go ahead during lockdown.

So, whatever the reason – a deserving NHS worker in need of some appreciation, a big birthday, a special anniversary or anything else – make someone’s day with a Sing-O-Gram performance from Andy Wilsher Sings.


Looking to make someone’s day with a Sing-O-Gram performance from Andy?