Find out how to choose the very best entertainment for your wedding day. Great hints and tips….

How to choose the best Entertainment for your Wedding Day

We all know that entertainment can make or break any party or celebration so when it’s your BIG DAY is has to be perfect! Weddings are often the most difficult occasions to source the right entertainment for… You’ll more than likely be catering for guests of all ages and want something that appeals to all. Nobody wants an empty dance floor on their wedding day, so choosing entertainment that will get everyone involved is an important thing to consider.

Andy Wilsher Sings has been recording and performing live for over 25 years and is therefore well placed to offer some advice and guidance when it comes to booking your wedding entertainment. We hope the following top tips are useful….

1) Do your research

Research, research, research! Don’t just check out one option – do some investigation to find out what will work best for you. Once you think you’ve found the right entertainer then check them out thoroughly… We don’t just mean visit their website – of course they’ll tell you they’re great. Access their social media channels, find out what other people are saying about them – previous clients and guests at their events. Ask for video footage of them in action – they should be proud to share this with you. This is your BIG DAY – you’re entitled to ask questions to ensure you get the right fit for you and your guests.

Also, find out what’s included in the package… Do they offer a disco too, do they provide lights and staging, can they bring along Show Girls to add some glitz and glamour? Make sure you know what you’re getting!

2) Cater for all your guests

Weddings usually include guests of all ages… from young flower girls and page boys to elderly grandparents or great grandparents. If all your guests are in their 20s then a rave might be appropriate, but the likelihood is that you’ll need more varied entertainment to ensure the enjoyment and participation of ALL your guests. This is where Andy Wilsher Sings’ unique combination of four tribute acts and the option of a fully manned disco works wonders! From Motown Soul and Rat Pack classics to smooth Michael Buble and rocking Robbie Williams – you can tick a lot of boxes with one professional wedding entertainer.

3) Consider entertainment throughout the day, not just for the wedding reception

It is expected that there’ll be some sort of entertainment during any evening reception, whether it’s a disco, band or live entertainer. Don’t overlook the added ambiance that live entertainment can provide at other points during your big day…. Andy Wilsher Sings can perform as you walk up the aisle, as you leave the ceremony, during reception drinks, during your wedding breakfast and/or for your evening reception. Some classic Rat Pack on the lawn whilst drinks are served and photos are taken, followed by rocking Robbie and a disco in the evening can be a great combination. Mix it up a bit and give your guests something different.

4) Check out previous testimonials

Any entertainer will of course tell you that they’re brilliant at what they do – and many are! But… don’t take their word for it. Anyone confident in their abilities should be flooded by positive reviews and testimonials. Look on their website and social media pages and even ask to contact previous clients if needs be. Make sure you’re 100% comfortable with your decision.

For further advice or to find out more about Andy Wilsher Sings’ wedding entertainment packages, contact us today. Our offices are open 7 days a week between 9.30am and 10.30pm.